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Cooking and eating great food in the summer is so easy, with an abundance of colourful, seasonal produce readily available.  Whether you go down the BBQ route or get into some serious cooking on the stove, it’s such fun putting on a spread for everyone. We’ve all been missing quality time with other people and this is a brilliant way to reconnect.


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July has arrived and what better time to prime the chopping board and prepare some delicous summertime dishes for your housemates and visitors. From the 4th, Covid-19 social distancing rules were further relaxed so that friends or family from another household can come round, indoors or out. Ramsgate Rooms properties have a landscaped garden space, picnic tables and a brick-built barbeque – perfect.


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We’ve picked out a few delicous outdoor recipes for you to try while the weather’s good. It’s time to get that chefs hat back on, dust off the chopping board and put your culinary skills to the test! While pubs and restaurants are cautiously opening again, bookings will be limited for a while. Making the most of socialising space at home ensures you can still have a good time while avoiding the crowds.


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Think blue-skied afternoons followed by rosy sunsets. Put up colouful bunting to set the scene or add strings of outdoor lights if it’s going to be a warm summer’s evening. Cushions, picnic blankets and some laid-back tunes on the radio all add to the ambience. Food wise, serving big plates and bowls of mouth-watering fare accompanied by pitchers of cooling iced drinks means happy and contented guests.


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The team here at Ramsgate Rooms hopes you have a fantastic summer! Remember to stay safe and follow the Covid-19 guidelines as life adjusts to the new normal. Why not try out these amazing recipes to impress your housemates and friends?






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