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Thanet Parkway Station - Image from South Eastern Railway - Ramsgate Rooms

Are you looking for affordable and convenient accommodation in the heart of Thanet? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that a new railway station, Thanet Parkway Station is now OPEN. This station is located between existing Minster and Ramsgate railway stations, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

The new Thanet Parkway Station has been designed to take trains over 12 carriages in length and will be served by mainline and high-speed services, which will reduce journey times to London. It’s been estimated to take 60 minutes. This is great news for young professionals looking for quick and easy access to the capital whilst renting a room with Ramsgate Rooms, as well as for employers who may be attracted to the area as a result. Why pay huge rents in the capital when you can rent a room in Ramsgate & commute to London on the days you are in the office.

The project, which is a £34.51 million investment, has been funded by a number of organisations, including the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) £14 million, Getting Building Fund (HM Government) £12 million, New Stations Fund £3.4 million, Thanet District Council £2 million, East Kent Spatial Development Company £700k, and Kent County Council (The remianing funds). The goal of the project is to support the economy and economic development in the area, while also reducing the environmental impact of travel locally.

Thanet Parkway Station is set to feature two platforms, CCTV on each platform, a bus stop, drop off and pick up zones, charging points for electric cars, and a secure cycle area. There is also a large car park with 297 spaces, including 16 blue badge spaces. This means that residents of Ramsgate Rooms will have easy access to the station, whether they are travelling by car, bicycle, or public transport.

Thanet corridor programme train routes - Ramsgate Rooms - Source Network Rail
Thanet corridor programme train routes – Ramsgate Rooms – © Network Rail


In addition to the new station, a new road (A299) has been built, providing additional cycle and pedestrian access to Cliffsend. This means that residents of Ramsgate Rooms will be able to take advantage of the new road and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the area.


Network Rail are making improvements to tracks & signalling down the line, some of which have already taken place.

Thanet-Corridor-Enhancementsline-line-speed-improvements-Ramsgate-Rooms-Source-Network-Rail© Network Rail


Level Crossing safety improvements, replacement modern barriers, miniature warning lights on some of their foot path level crossings and at Cliffsend level crossing upgrading.

Thanet Corridor enhancements level crossings - Ramsgate Rooms - Source Network Rail
                                                                               © Network Rail


The location of Thanet Parkway Station makes it an ideal option for commuters looking to travel to London or other parts of the country. Its strategic location between Minster and Ramsgate stations offers easy access to a wider range of destinations. With the addition of Thanet Parkway Station, Ramsgate Rooms will become an even more attractive option for young professionals looking for affordable and convenient accommodation in the heart of Thanet. Its close proximity to the new station means that tenants can easily travel to other parts of the country for work or leisure.

Thanet Parkway Station is not just a transportation hub, but also a major development project that will bring new investment and job opportunities to the area. The new station will create new employment opportunities during construction and operation, as well as support local economic development through improved connectivity and accessibility. The construction of Thanet Parkway Station also includes a range of sustainable features, such as charging points for electric cars, secure cycle storage, and improved pedestrian and cycle access. These features will help to reduce the environmental impact of transportation in the local area, while also encouraging more sustainable travel options.

The new Thanet Parkway Station is part of a wider investment plan for the area, with funding from a range of sources including the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, the Getting Building Fund, and the New Stations Fund. This investment is a testament to the long-term growth potential of Thanet and the surrounding areas, and demonstrates a commitment to creating a sustainable and prosperous future for the region. Thanet Parkway Station is part of Network Rail’s Thanet Corridor Enhancements Programme. To find out more, watch this video about the new station and the work to be completed on the railway line before it opens.

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Below is a small selection of the travel times to these destinations. The full timetable is now live & can be found here:

  • 4 minutes to Ramsgate
  • 10 minutes to Broadstairs
  • 15 minutes to Margate
  • 17 minutes to Canterbury West
  • 32 minutes to Ashford International
  • 70 minutes to St Pancras International

We are excited about the new opportunities that this will bring for our residents. With quick and easy access to London and other destinations, our rooms to rent in Ramsgate are the perfect choice for young professionals looking for affordable and convenient accommodation in the heart of Ramsgate.

At Ramsgate Rooms, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality rooms to rent in HMOs that are fully furnished to a high standard. Our rooms to rent in Ramsgate feature comfortable beds, ample storage, and plenty of natural light, and some of our rooms even have en-suite bathrooms. In addition, our properties feature a lounge and a large kitchen and dining area, perfect for relaxing and socializing with fellow tenants. We our a live out landlord, the following page explains more:

Our properties all benefit from both on-street and off-street parking, providing added convenience and peace of mind for our tenants. We also provide fast broadband and fully equipped communal areas, making our rooms to rent great for working from home. If you dont what to expect with renting a room you can checkout our following ‘what to expect page’

Contact us today to schedule a viewing to rent a room in Ramsgate and see why Ramsgate Rooms is the perfect place to call home. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the opening of Thanet Parkway Station in May 2023!

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