Your live-out landlord

You don't want someone looking over your shoulder and acting like your mum, and we don't want to do that either


Who is your landlord?

Ramsgate rooms is your landlord. We only rent rooms from our own properties across Thanet. All of our properties have 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They are custom-built for rental and have their own cleaning team.


What is a live-out landlord?

It is what it says. We don’t live in the room down the hall.  We manage our properties externally as a business which is why they are looked after so well. 

So who are Ramsgate Rooms?

We are professional landlords based in Broadstairs, we have been trading in rental property since 2001, so we know the things that really matter to our tenants.

Our passion for providing exclusive, thoughtful living accommodation with the small touches that make a huge difference to your living experience is our primary motive. 

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Having first-hand experience of living in rented accommodation, we understand how important the small touches are, and why they are so important, especially to working tenants.  It’s these little touches that make your living experience in a Ramsgate Room, such a unique living experience that goes beyond the expectations of traditional rented accommodation.

Ramsgate Rooms is a trading name of Maybank Homes Ltd, part of the Mayhew Properties group of companies.  We offer fully licenced HMO’s (Houses of multiple occupancy).

Our tenants love living in our rooms because we create a homely environment

Lived with Ramsgate Rooms for over 6 months now, the move in process was very quick! Great location, central to Thanet. It feels like my long-term home and great there is no live-in landlord. The maintenance is run professionally & quickly. Very good house share.
Dan Gillies
Been living in Ramsgate Rooms now since January and I can honestly say it’s been a success. I moved in quickly with no hassle which was a bonus for me as I don’t like long waiting times. I met some lovely people who are now my friends and the properties feel like home. I would highly recommend Ramsgate Rooms to anyone!
Samantha Oxley-Moore
It's clean, warm and peaceful. If anything goes wrong, maintenance sort it within 12 hours. Highly recommend it!
Paul Davies
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In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, you can contact our head office here.

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