10 Essential Questions Every Tenant Should Ask Before Renting in a House Share in Thanet, Ramsgate, Margate, and Broadstairs

10 Essential Questions Every Tenant Should Ask Before Renting in a House Share in Ramsgate, Thanet, Margate, and Broadstairs Ramsgaterooms.co.uk

When searching for a house share, it’s important not to rush into a decision. Every tenant should have a list of critical questions to ask before signing a tenancy agreement. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential questions and answers to help you make a decision. These questions will provide you with valuable insights into the house share, the area, and the people you’ll be sharing your tenancy with. Let’s dive in!

  1. How much is the deposit, and how will it be protected?

    At Ramsgate Rooms, we do not take deposits at any of our rooms to rent in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate.

  2. What’s included in the price?

    We provide bills inclusive packages for all our rooms to rent in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate making it easier for you to manage your finances. The price you pay each month covers all essential bills, including utilities, council tax and internet. We also provided a weekly cleaner.

  3. Who is responsible for what?

    We take care of maintaining the communal spaces and provide a weekly cleaning service. As a tenant, you are responsible for maintaining your room and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the house. All these details are clearly outlined in your tenancy agreement for easy reference. Any maintenance issues we will take care of it.

  4. Who will be managing the property?

    At Ramsgate Rooms, our dedicated team of Property Managers manage all our properties in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate. You’ll have a team to contact throughout your tenancy, making it convenient for you to reach out to us for any questions or issues that may arise.

  5. What’s the Internet connection like, and is it included?

    We understand the importance of a reliable internet connection, especially in today’s digital age. We supply up to 400 meg fibre optic WIFI and also have our on call IT team.

  6. What’s the policy on pets?

    Whilst we love animals, our properties in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate are strictly pet-free. We aim to create a co-living environment that accommodates all tenants’ preferences and potential allergies or fears related to pets.

  7. Can I redecorate if I want to?

    To maintain the consistency and quality of our rooms, we do not allow tenants to redecorate. However, we regularly maintain and refurbish our rooms between tenancies, ensuring they are modern and appealing.

  8. What are the local transport links?

    Transportation convenience is important for everyone, whether you’re a commuter or simply need easy access to public transportation. Our rooms to rent in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margat are strategically located near regular and easily accessible transport links, including trains, and buses.

  9. What’s the parking situation?

    For tenants with cars, we offer parking options in some of our properties in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate which includes off street parking. We take your parking preferences into consideration when matching you with the right property.

  10. Who will be my housemates?

    We take pride in our personalised approach to matching tenants with our rooms to rent in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate. We consider not only your preferences but also the needs and compatibility of our current housemates. Our goal is to create a harmonious and long-lasting community for our tenants.

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At Ramsgate Rooms, we strive to provide comfortable and convenient living spaces in Thanet including Ramsgate, Margate, and Broadstairs. By asking these essential questions, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect house share for your needs.

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