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With Covid safety still paramount, now couldn’t be a better time to really focus on outdoor exercise. We are being encouraged to limit indoor exercise with others due to the prolonged close contact this can bring. Gyms have been hit hard and they are having to review so much about their procedures. Ramsgate Rooms appreciates how tough this must be for them right now and is sending good wishes in these difficult times. In the meantime, as we all know regular exercise not only looks after our physical health, it reduces stress levels and gets you away from digital overload too. We need to keep fit one way or another and currently outdoor exercise is ideal. Add in the fresh air, Vitamin D and sense of freedom that comes with it and you will be hooked.


Right now is the ideal time for outdoor exercise. © Annie Spratt


With plenty of scenic, wide open space on the beaches, the seafront promenades or in the parks, Thanet is perfect for outdoor exercise. Whether you are a ‘lone wolf’ when it comes to fitness training, or if you prefer to do it with a friend or a even a group, there are plenty of options. Some quick research on-line for your local area is guaranteed to show you just how much is going on out there. Outdoor yoga, swimming groups, walking groups, outdoor cardio, running clubs, cycling groups, the list is endless.


Thanet has lots of wide open space. © MSmith


Choosing the group option will help you to keep fit, motivated and build a regular routine into your life. It’s also a brilliant way to meet new, like-minded people living nearby. Ramsgate Rooms has come up with a few suggestions to start you off. Hannah Yoga Therapy has beach yoga classes every Friday morning on Viking Bay in Broadstairs. Run by Hannah Rzysko, the classes are a great way to get outside while also looking after your wellbeing. Over in Birchington, advanced personal trainer Natalie Lowe promises to put you through your paces with outdoor sessions as part of her suppportive Thanet Fitness Boot Camp.


Yoga Class Broadstairs
Yoga class in full swing on Viking Bay. © Hannah Yoga Therapy


The well-established Thanet Roadrunners offer a full range of outdoor running initiatives to suit all levels and ages. You will receive a warm welcome and be offered plenty of encouragement to keep you going. For outdoor swimming, the Walpole Bay tidal pool in Margate is a must.  Because the pool is revealed only when the tide is out there will be different seascapes to enjoy depending on the time of day. Anyone can join the Walpole Bay Swimmers  for some camaraderie and they also organise regular community beach cleans.


Get a sense of freedom with outdoor running. © Nourdine Diouane


For those of you with good self-discipline, exercising on your own or with a friend has a wonderful simplicity. Just a morning swim in the sea 2 or 3 times a week will pep you up nicely. Yoga on the patio will set you up for the day as will a morning jog along the seafront or in your local park. Don’t forget that walking or cycling to work if you can also counts, as does taking the dog out every day.


Getting an allotment is a great alternative way to exercise. © Kenan Kitchen


Remember too that exercise comes in other forms, especially outdoors. Think about gardening for starters, or tennis, even just footy in your nearest green space. On the subject of gardening, renting an allotment is a good way of comitting to regular exercise – those vegetables won’t plant themselves! Many who choose this option are initially surprised at just how fit an allotment can get you, with healthy produce as the end result too.


Thanet has some great parks to exercise in. © Explore Kent


There are so many different ways to keep active and Covid safe outdoors,  either on your own, with a friend or in a group. Getting outside into the fresh air and beautiful coastal scenery will keep you fit and healthy! The team here at Ramsgate Rooms hopes you are enjoying the long summer months and adapting to the new way of life we are all discovering.




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