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The Covid effect rumbles on and in relation to work it’s here to stay for a while.  Many people, finding themselves at a career crossroads due to redundancy or furloughing, are looking for new roles.  Whether you’re taking the first steps on the career ladder or if you are a seasoned worker, the job interview can be the make or break. The Ramsgate Rooms team has put together a handy guide to make sure you ace it!


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Some lucky people have a natural presence that enables them to breeze through effortlessly. Others find it a nerve-wracking and awkward experience that ends up with them risking giving the wrong impression. If you fall into the latter, we have some tips to appear swan-like in your next interview. Essentially a job interview is a two-way conversation between employer and potential employee. It can be helpful to see the process like this, rather than some kind of terrifying interrogation.


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Be like a swan in your interview © Satria Hutama


We posted recently on writing that perfect CV and you will find that the principals are similar. Be organised, do your research, be yourself, keep it truthful and friendly, be punctual and polite. Easier said than done when it feels like there is so much to remember! You may also find that the interview is done virtually, due to social distancing requirments, which adds a different element altogether.


The interview might even take place on Zoom. © Visuals


It can be helpful to break everything down into different, easy-to-manage parts:

  1. Research/knowledge for the role, including constructive questions to ask. Identify your relevant strengths/experience and evidence it.
  2. Journey preparation. Practice the route, buy travel tickets in advance or check over your car. Find out where the parking is. If you are late, call ahead to warn them!
  3. If it’s a Zoom interview, set up an appropriate space with neutral background. Practice a meeting beforehand. Double-check your computers’ camera and microphone settings.
  4. Make a list of any paperwork or documents you need to bring and decide how you are going to carry it.
  5. Think about what to wear. Avoid bright clothes, go for smart and neutral.
  6. Learn how to manage your nerves on the day – using breathing and body relaxation techniques.


Advice is to avoid flamboyant clothes for the interview. © Mariya Georgieva


So, preparation done, clothes ironed and ready to go, route planned, what next? Just like they used to say at school before an exam, have some down time. Going on a big night out the evening before might not be a good idea. Instead, spend some relaxing time at home, do some exercise or low-key socialising. A hangover is not going to help you, however tempting ‘Dutch courage’ might feel!


Bad interview techniques Ramsgate Thanet
Don’t do a Spud.

In the interview itself, keep aware of your body, relax your shoulders and your jaw, BREATHE. If you find some of the questions tough, simply ask for them to be explained again. Smile. If you feel it is going badly, try not to give up half way through. Many people come out of an interview thinking it was a disaster, only to be given the job, and vice-versa.


© Tonik


After the interview, it’s time for the waiting game. Normally you will be contacted verbally for the yay or nay. If you don’t get the job, remember to thank them for the opportunity and try to not take it to heart. Instead, pat yourself on the back for getting out there and making the effort. You might consider contacting the interview panel for feedback, which can be very helpful going forward, The team here at Ramsgate Rooms wishes you the best of luck!

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