House Sharing – What’s it All About?

Tune in to BBC3 at the moment and you will find HouseShare, a reality show about six people all, you guessed, sharing a house for the first time to get a foothold in the world of work. For entertainment purposes, they also have to pool their money to share housekeeping costs as well with hilarious results; ignoring this part the show still gives us a bit of an idea of what a house share can be all about. Ramsgate Rooms has been in the rental business for many years now and we have gathered a good deal of valuable experience which you will see reflected in our properties. If you’re curious, read on for the realistic view.

Keys of one’s own make all the difference.

House sharing has always been very popular and goes way back. mainly because it makes renting more affordable. Traditionally, a live-in landlady would run a boarding house, renting out rooms to lodgers, often providing a cooked meal and housekeeping too. Lodgers would convene in the dining room for breakfast and again after work, eating together. Landladies were notoriously proud of their boarding houses, normally keeping them ship-shape and respectable. The quintessential B&B is a version of this arrangement that we still see today serving holiday-makers.

The boarding house has developed to become a popular part of the well-regulated UK rental industry and in modern terms is known as a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), or as we know it, the house share. These days, students especially find this is the only viable option once they are out of halls. Another demographic that typically choose to live in an HMO are young professionals, not yet in a position to rent or buy their own properties. Whatever ones’ circumstances though, this kind of house sharing can be an affordable and flexible rental option for many people.


Communal cooking can make life more sociable.


Due to updated rules and regulations for HMO landlords in 2018, there hasn’t been a better time to enjoy the convenience of a house share. Government legislation now ensures that they are not overcrowded, have high safety standards and are well-maintained. On that note, you may be interested to know that Ramsgate Rooms goes one further by consolidating all costs into one monthly bill so you know exactly where you are with your money.

While moving into a house share might feel a little daunting, they can often be a great opportunity to get to know others and enrich your life. When things go really well, meals can be cooked together and friendships made. Of course, if you are a quieter person that enjoys their own company, having your own room allows you the space you need to feel you have enough privacy. Additionally, each potential lodger is vetted and will be made aware of requirements for communal living. Having a good landlord who is easy to contact will also put your mind at rest, if things do go wrong.

So what kind of person thrives in a house share setting? Certainly being considerate and polite will go a very long way as you and your housemates will more than likely be in contact with each other on a regular basis. Being able to show others respect and friendliness if disagreements do arise will also help to resolve potential issues more easily. At Ramsgate Rooms we make efforts to match you with like-minded tenants where possible too.


A private bedroom will afford you ample privacy.

With private house or flat rentals remaining expensive and first-time buyers having to wait for much longer before they can afford a mortgage deposit, a house share is a great option for professionals. It gives you a chance to spend a few years saving for that deposit while still living in comfort. Ramsgate Rooms even provides a cleaning service to make it all so easy as we know you are working hard.

If you have any other questions or need further information please do get in touch with us, you won’t regret it! Here are some links to follow for independent advice too:


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