New Year, New Start?

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2020 Could Be Your Time to Try Co-Living.

New Year is a great time to think about making those important changes in your life; comfortable, affordable living arrangements should be high up on your list! Whether you’re looking to finally move out from your parents’ place or are just in need of somwhere better to rent, co-living is increasingly the popular way to go. Ramsgate Rooms knows all about the benefits of this fresh, modern approach as we’ve been providing working tenants with a quality live-out landlord rental for some time now.

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Time for a fresh start?
So What is Co-Living?

It’s tempting to think that co-living is simply house-sharing by another name. However, co-living goes one step further in that it is a purpose-built concept, providing like-minded tenants a fully-serviced living arrangement. It has more emphasis on communal living over the now very last-century concept of landlords setting up houses full of impersonal bedsits. Co-living tenants see the increased input from landlords as a positive, in that it encourages a good working relationship in terms of mutual respect and does away with the negative connotations of the rogue landlord. It also necessitates that tenants keep the lines of communication open with their housemates so that decisions are made together, building honest, trustworthy relationships.


Ramsgate Rooms Floor Plan
A typical Ramsgate Rooms floor plan
The Benefits of Co-Living

To our mind the benefits of co-living far outweigh any negative possibilities, as long as both landlord and tenant keep their sides of the bargain. A big plus is affordability in the expensive world of private renting. Co-living properties are all-inclusive, so cover your share of the rent, bills and maintenance. Enjoying one monthly payment instead of managing multiple outgoings takes the stress out of things too. Also covered is wifi and a weekly cleaner! Tenants say that they appreciate the homely, comfortable atmosphere of a well-run co-living property. We ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly and effectively and encourage you to contact us if there are problems.


Ramsgate Rooms Kitchen diner
Ramsgate Rooms shared kitchen-diner.

If you like the sound of the fresher, professional approach of co-living, we encourage you to get in touch. We would be very happy to meet you and arrange a viewing of one of our Ramsgate Rooms rental properties to give you an even better idea of what it’s all about. All of our beautifully refurbished homes boast six bedrooms with lockable doors, along with communal kitchen-diner and lounge space, a bathroom and a shower room. Happy New Year!



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