Is Co-Living The Next Big Thing?

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Over the seemingly countless lockdowns that we have endured over the past year, we have seen so many people living alone. Those of us who live alone have experienced the severity of solitude, especially during these trying times. Just passing someone in the kitchen, a short chat over a coffee or a passing smile can make your day. These are the small energy boosters that we believe are imperative to a happy and mindful lifestyle. The ways in which the pandemic has negatively impacted people’s mental wellbeing due to loneliness has prompted them to move into professional co-living accommodation.

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This may be why we have seen the amount of people looking to move into houses of multiple occupation (HMO) rise so rapidly over the year. Data from Built Asset Management noted that there was a 312% rise in people who chose co-living accommodation between July and August 2020. It’s also important to note that these months are slotted between the two lockdowns of that year, showing how eager people are to get out there and live a more sociable life. These numbers emphasise to us how important human contact and social involvement is to our wellbeing, the presence of others in communal areas can lift our spirits even in the hardest of times.

professionals sitting in co living accommodation
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Here at Ramsgate Rooms, we take pride in the standard of cleanliness in our co-living accommodation. Labour chief, Danielle Stone, recently set the bar by saying that HMOs must be deep cleaned weekly. We are proud to say that we adhere to this demand and have weekly cleaners who come into the properties and clean all communal areas thoroughly. With this, you can rest assured that the risk level of living with others is lowered considerably by the cleaning regimens that we have in place. We have made co-living that much more accessible for those of you that are eager to live with others and get to know like-minded people.

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We understand the level to which hygiene standards must be held at a time like this and we wholeheartedly believe that our methods of upkeeping are accommodating of that. Living with others can be such a wonderful thing and it would be a crime to let the pandemic get in the way of that. We know why the rates of people choosing co-living accommodation are rising, and we want you to understand why too! Living with like-minded people is such a blessing and there is no better time to do it than the present. We have let COVID restrict us in so many ways and it is time to start living our lives again whilst abiding by the government guidelines.

With vaccination numbers going up, we can start looking towards a brighter future. One where we can see family and friends in a closer setting without fear. The ways in which we lived before seem like a distant memory, but as humans we are adaptable beings. It won’t take long for us to get back to normal life and feel comfortable being around others. Which is why everyone here at Ramsgate Rooms is so excited for the coming months.


If you’ve ever thought about living with other people that are similar to you and easy going, why not try co-living with us? Check out our main webpage for details and room availability!


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