Will Holidays Ever Be the Same Again?

This Friday marked further easing of UK’s Covid border rules, making the idea of a holiday this year a distinct reality again. In a welcome announcement on the 10th of July,  the Foreign Office confirmed that travellers arriving in the UK from will no longer have to self-isolate (unless of course they have symptoms.)


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Public Health England is emphasising that the usual procedures must still be adhered to of course. Travellers will also notice Covid-safe procedures being carried out along their journey. Airline passengers are being told to check in on-line to reduce contact at the airport itself. Face coverings will be expected (in fact this may be mandatory very soon.) Hand sanitisers, temperature checks, keeping 2 metres apart where possible and perspex screens on the flight desks are be some of the extra measures airports have been taking for some time now.


A long way from Broadstairs
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Depending on your current circumstances, in terms of costs you may find yourself already out of pocket if you had to cancel a booking earlier this year. Many found that their travel insurance did not cover any of it.  The advice is to go through your travel and health insurance with a fine-tooth comb to establish the limits of your cover. Worst case scenarios include becoming ill with Covid while you are abroad or finding yourself stranded if a particular place has to go into lockdown.


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Contingency plans are a must and it’s worth noting that travel operators are now starting to take some responsibility for protecting their customers. Wise travellers will check that hotels at their chosen destination are actually open and taking bookings! Others may find themselves spoilt for choice with the pick of itinery options as agents and hoteliers vye for your attention. Package tours may be a better option for peace of mind here, although this will limit your options.


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It’s certainly going to be a summer like never before, but with sound research and the right precautions it seems that foreign holidays are a safe and realistic prospect.  ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ is a good approach in these unprecendented times. Not cheery, but certainly necessary to consider so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Whatever you decide to do, the team here at Ramsgate Rooms hope you have a brilliant time. The last few months have been hard for all of us and the opportunity to take some time out is so important. Bon voyage!


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