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How to cook your food thoroughly using a disposable barbeque

We know our housemates love socialising and generally having a great time. Our housemates love BBQ’s, nights at the pub, pizza nights and film nights. We thought we would create a blog focused on BBQ’s.

Disposable barbeques are great, but you have to be careful to make sure the food is cooked properly.

All Ramsgate Rooms properties have brick-built BBQ stands ready to use.

Here is a quick post about using your disposable barbecue safely and easily this summer. Make sure you have fun but always be wary when using a barbeque.

2 things to be careful of when using a disposable BBQ

  1. Food poisoning by undercooking
  2. Burning yourself during cooking

How to use a disposable barbecue tray

5 steps for safely using a disposable BBQ

  1. Precooking your food
  2. Placing your barbeque
  3. Lighting your barbeque
  4. Cooking on your disposable barbeque
  5. Disposing of your barbeque

Here are the 5 steps in detail with some top tips on using your disposable barbeque

1. Precooking your food

It’s advisable to oven cook all food before you use the disposable BBQ.

2. Placing your barbeque

Place it in a safe and stable place. Do not move the barbeque off the stand provided.

3. Lighting your barbeque

As per the video light the barbeque in the corners and allow to fully ignite.

4. Cooking on your disposable barbeque

Allow the barbeque to fully heat up and let the charcoals turn white before cooking. Test all food properly before eating.

5. Disposing of your barbeque

Dispose of it properly AFTER its cooled down. If in doubt slowly pour cold water across the tray until its entirely extinguished.

Have fun using your barbeque from the team here at Ramsgate Rooms, Don’t forget to check in with us a Facebook and Instagram to share your images and videos.

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